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Connections Groups

Come and spend a therapeutic afternoon with us outdoors in the beautiful foothills of Southern Alberta.

We will explore a path towards increased connectedness to ourselves, each other and the natural world.

See below for our current workshop offerings or contact us to design a workshop for your group or team. 

Cultivating Roots
Teen and Parent Treatment Groups
Family Therapy for Improved Mental Health and Resiliency
Content Developed for Teens grade 9 -12
The Cultivating Experience:
Family Therapy: 1 initial assessment session followed by 1-2 additional family therapy sessions within the 8 week period
Teen Group: 5 consecutive Saturdays 10-12pm Sep 11- Oct 9
Parent Group: 3 in total, every second Saturday 10-12pm Sep 11, 25 and Oct 9
Family Group: last session Oct 16, 10-12pm
Nature, Animals, Exploration and More!
The use of animal assisted therapy, art, games and the exploration of nature can help create a positive therapeutic environment for teens and families
Roots to be cultivated:
  • Understanding and managing emotions
  • Self-expression and communication
  • Healthy coping
  • Self-esteem and confidence
  • Tangles of shame and guilt
  • Emotion focused parenting and attachment
  • Trust, understanding, managing conflict
  • Relationship Repair and caregiver wellness
$1600 per family (a total of 20 hours of therapy, covered by extended health benefits)
Erica Bernard, Krista West and Melynda Hutton-Fearnley
Women's circle, nature, spirituality


When women come together we naturally find ways to connect, support and encourage each other. During this series we will be invited to connect to and express our deep soul awareness and share in each other’s wisdom.  Come and connect with a circle of women as we nurture ourselves deeply and find ways to find balance between being and doing.


Activities may include:

  • Spending time in nature

  • Sharing stories and poetry

  • Mindfulness meditations

  • Creating rituals such as drumming

  • Expressing experiences through art

  • Exploring ways of transforming our passions into action


Time – 2-4 pm

Last Sunday of the Month

Presenters : Erica Bernard

E-mail Erica to register :

Healing Journey
Healing workshop, pain
Youth Empowerment
Anxiety Groups

Anxiety Groups


The Anxiety group for children (grades 4-6) and youth (grades 7-9) is a group program that runs for 3 hours. The goals of the group are to understand anxiety and how it affects our lives, develop effective coping skills, build resilience and confidence through the use of cognitive-behavioral methods. Children/youth who worry more than their peers, carry tension in their bodies and who get easily overwhelmed by everyday events or tasks will benefit from this group.


Every group will be filled with a combination of meaningful therapeutic and fun activities including animal assisted therapy, nature-based art therapy, interactive games and drumming. They will also engage closely with nature and gain knowledge about how nature can provide relief and comfort from daily stressors.


Cost : $180 per session

E-mail Erica to register :

“I absolutely loved the workshop particularily time spent outside, getting to connect to ourselves, and meeting new people"

"I liked the nature walks and time for personal reflection"

"I thought the content was great and integrated nicely with reflection time”

"I enjoyed being outside; I loved the beautiful views, smells and atmosphere"

Workshop Participants

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